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HMS Rodney opened fire with her secondary armament at 0858 hours. Yamato vs Nelson& Rodney. Also keep in mind that the Yamato was better amoured than the Bismarck was. [2], Rodney had a length between perpendiculars of 660 feet (201.2 m) and an overall length of 710 feet 3 inches (216.5 m), a beam of 106 feet (32.3 m), and a draught of 30 feet 2 inches (9.2 m) at standard load. The Germans had sent out their newest, most powerful battleship along with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen to destroy Allied convoys. These have dealt with the British King George V Class, French Dunkerque and Richelieu Classes, ItalianVittorio… The design, which had been approved six months after the treaty was signed, had a main armament of 16-inch (406 mm) guns to match the firepower of the American Colorado and Japanese Nagato classes in the battleline in a ship displacing no more than 35,000 long tons (36,000 t). Unable to submerge, she requested assistance and the fleet responded with two destroyers escorting her home and the balance of the fleet providing cover. The bomb broke up after hitting the corner of a armoured 4.7-inch ready ammunition box on the upper deck aft of the funnel; its fragments penetrated through several decks before bouncing off the four-inch armoured deck and started a small fire in the galley. The following month the ship was part of the covering force for an iron ore convoy from Narvik, Norway. lilracingneon - I have no books on this subject but, from what I have read on here, Yamato's gunnery wasn't exactly brilliant either. [63] These included a sporadic, 30-hour operation firing an occasional shell 22 miles (35 km) inland, to prevent a Panzer division from crossing a bridge. At their request the battleship resumed firing at the fort despite the presence of nearby troops and the French capitulated shortly afterwards. Following the sinking of the armed merchant cruiser Rawalpindi two days later by the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau off Iceland, Rodney and the rest of the Home Fleet hunted the enemy ships, but heavy weather allowed them to evade their pursuers and return to Germany. The ship covered the invasions of Sicily (Operation Husky) and Italy (Operation Baytown) in mid-1943. The fleet visited two Norwegian ports before returning home. The ship was able to comb the tracks between two torpedoes dropped by Italian aircraft at 07:45 on 12 August. Vice-Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, second-in-command of the Home Fleet, was aboard the ship to gain experience in integrating carrier and convoy operations, and was not flying his flag. During the Normandy landings in June 1944, Rodney provided naval gunfire support and continued to do so for several following offensives near the French city of Caen. The Iowa-class probably couldn’t sink the Yamato but its 16-inch shells would have wrecked the Yamato’s superstructure and rendered her equipment inoperable. The ship was ordered forward to support operations off Sword Beach that night[60] and accidentally rammed and sank LCT 427, killing all 13 crewmen,[61] in the darkness and congested waters off the Isle of Wight. She also carried 521 military passengers bound for Halifax, as well as an American assistant naval attaché conveying important documents back to the United States. During the refit, Dalrymple-Hamilton was relieved by Captain James Rivett-Carnac and Rodney departed Boston for Bermuda on 20 August to work up. She mostly spent January and February at anchor with occasional missions to provide cover from commerce raiders for convoys. Allow the Germans the same sized economy as the US, USSR, and the Commonwealth combined and then allow them to use that economy to produce what Panther and Tigers they could. Aft of the citadel was an armoured deck 4.25 inches (108 mm) thick at the level of the lower edge of the belt armour that extended almost to the end of the stern to cover the steering gear. 98–100; Haarr 2013, p. 243; Rohwer, p. 16, Admiralty Historical Section, pp. [41], After Bismarck sank the battlecruiser Hood during the Battle of Denmark Strait on the morning of 24 May, Rodney was ordered by the Admiralty to join in the pursuit of the German ship, leaving the destroyer Eskimo to escort Britannic and taking Somali, Mashona and Tartar with her in the search. Rodney departed Gibraltar for to rejoin the Home Fleet at Scapa two days later, but her problems worsened during the voyage as heavy weather further stressed the steering motors and exacerbated her many leaks. [7] The ends of the armoured citadel were closed off by transverse bulkheads of non-cemented armour 8 and 12 inches (203 and 305 mm) thick at the forward end and 4 and 10 inches (102 and 254 mm) thick at the aft end. During the early stages of the Second World War, she searched for German commerce raiders, participated in the Norwegian Campaign, and escorted convoys in the Atlantic Ocean. The captain subsequently altered course further south east to cover the approaches to Spanish ports where the German ship might intern herself, but this was countermanded by an Admiralty order to turn north east at 14:30. The ship's light AA armament was heavily reinforced during a refit in February–May 1942 with seventeen 20 mm Oerlikons in single mounts added to turret roofs, the superstructure and the decks. A severe storm began the following day and caused all operations to cease. Despite the heavy anti-aircraft fire, the Swordfish hit Bismarck with three torpedoes. The two Yamato-class battleships were several knots slower, a good bit larger, had thicker armor, and bigger guns than the two Bismarck-class battleships.The German ships were more maneuverable. Deck plates around the main-gun turrets had been depressed by the effects of the guns' muzzle blast and some of the structural members supporting them had cracked or buckled. As the Home Fleet was assembling in Scapa Flow as tensions with Germany rose in August, Rodney developed steering problems and had to proceed to Rosyth for repairs and a bottom cleaning. Although his ships could catch the German ship that night now that her steering had been disabled and her engines damaged, Tovey decided to reduce speed to save fuel and wait until dawn to allow his ships the maximum amount of time in which to sink the German ship. The following morning the French guns opened fire as the battleship closed the range, nearly hitting her. She was the first battleship to be so equipped. The Yamato-class battleships carried nine 18-inch guns in three triple turrets.The could throw 6,000-lb. Their secondary armament consisted of a dozen BL 6-inch (152 mm) Mk XXII guns in twin-gun turrets aft of the superstructure, three turrets on each broadside. The 1935 winter cruise saw the ship return to the West Indies, before visiting the Azores and then Gibraltar between 15 January and 17 March. [65], Long-range artillery on the German-occupied island of Alderney was disrupting Allied operations off the north west corner of the Cotentin Peninsula after the landings in Normandy. Despite the danger of aerial attack by the Luftwaffe, most of the Home Fleet was now based there; Rodney was near-missed during one such attack on 16 March. Though she was ordered to Gibraltar, just in case. The crew made temporary repairs and the ship remained at sea until she dropped anchor at Scapa Flow on the 17th. On the night of 23/24 June, the ship was ineffectually attacked twice by Junkers Ju 88 bombers; her gunners claiming to have shot down one aircraft. or something like that during the Leyte Gulf campain. Captain Andrew Cunningham, later First Sea Lord, relieved Tottenham on 15 December. I can't think of a better target for diving shell than NelRod. After the heavy cruiser Suffolk radioed that she had lost radar contact with the Bismarck at 04:01 on the morning of 25 May, Dalrymple-Hamilton, after consulting his senior officers and the American attaché, decided that the German ship was probably heading for Brest and so set course to the east to head her off, at some stages reaching twenty-two knots which exceeded her then theoretical maximum speed by two knots (3.7 km/h; 2.3 mph), although this caused several mechanical failures. The design compromises had less negative consequences for Nelson because that ship underwent a number of refits immediately before and during the war. Great Britain's Last Super Battleship Was a True Monster Warship. The two British capital ships in involved in the sinking were HMS King George V (ten 14-inch guns) and HMS Rodney (nine 16-inch guns). Fire Control 9 No RPC, but almost everything else. Later that evening, the battleship was attacked by two bombers that near missed with two bombs and a torpedo. She was initially able to keep up with the convoy, but had to turn back on 28 September, followed shortly afterwards by Rodney and Prince of Wales. Rodney generally remained at Scapa for the next year, the tedium relieved by a visit by King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and their daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, in late September 1945. 255, 258–267; Burt, p. 383; Buxton, p. 114; Friedman, p. 440, QF 2-pounder (40-millimetre (1.6 in)) guns, "Memorial for crew lost on D-Day Landing craft LCT 427 in Solent", Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy, List of dreadnought battleships of the Royal Navy, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=HMS_Rodney_(29)&oldid=998379988, World War II battleships of the United Kingdom, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 03:20. After a brief refit in the United States, she escorted convoys to Malta and supported the Allied invasion of French Algeria during (Operation Torch) in late 1942. They had a very good armour scheme which incorporated their reserve feed water. 114, 116; Raven & Roberts, pp. The ship resumed firing later that afternoon, again without a response. The secondary armament was controlled by four directors equipped with 12-foot (3.7 m) rangefinders. 82–83, 86–89; Burt, pp. Follow. [31], After Nelson ran aground while leaving Portsmouth in January 1934, Rodney became the temporary fleet flagship when Admiral Lord William Boyle, commander of the Home Fleet, hoisted his flag aboard her for the winter cruise to the British West Indies. 116, 122–128; Rohwer, pp. This might be true, to the best of my knowledge the Yamato only fired her guns at another ship. Ahmed Yamani. Rodney returned to Scapa on the 29th where she spent most of October training in preparation for the invasion of Northwest Africa scheduled for the following month. The battleship then sailed to HM Dockyard, Devonport, to participate in a charity fund-raising Navy Week which saw 67,000 visitors come to the dockyard. If you’re asking why Nelson in particular wasn’t sent, then the answer is simple - she was in the South Atlantic, far too far away for an intercept. [36], Receiving word that the Royal Air Force (RAF) had attacked north-bound German warships in the North Sea on 7 April, Admiral Sir Charles Forbes, Commander-in-chief, Home Fleet, ordered most of his ships to put to sea that evening. At some point the Y's gunnery capabilities would be degraded and then the possibility of 1 1/2 Nelrods versus 1/2 a Yamato would occur. 200–209; Burt, p. 383, Ballantyne 2008, pp. Browse more videos. See more ideas about battleship, yamato, imperial japanese navy. By July 1932, the single two-pounder guns and the starboard torpedo director were removed and replaced by a single octuple two-pounder "pom-pom" mount on the starboard side of the funnel and a 9-foot (2.7 m) rangefinder was added at the rear of the bridge roof. The sisters began escorting Convoy WS 19, loaded with troops bound for Egypt or Burma, on 4 June. "[47], Rodney fired 378 sixteen-inch shells and 706 six-inch shells during the battle before Dalrymple-Hamilton ordered cease fire around 10:16 while Dorsetshire was then ordered to finish Bismarck off with torpedoes. In that case they would have brought the modernized Fuso and Yamashiro to the fight the NelRods. [64] The ship also provided fire support during Operation Windsor, a partially successful Canadian assault on Carpiquet and its airfield west of Caen on 4–5 July, and Operation Charnwood, a frontal assault on Caen proper on 8–9 July. [3] The ship was powered by two sets of Brown-Curtis geared steam turbines, each driving one shaft, using steam from eight Admiralty 3-drum boilers. I often wonder why the glacis wasn't sloped on many other tanks look at the Churchill Cromwell and Comet as well as the Panzer IV. Trumpeter is ranked #1 out of 19 1/700 scale or 1/350 scale plastic model ships manufacturers, followed by Tamiya, and Hobby Boss. Bob Nelson Rodney Dangerfield's 1984. The best BB's are not always the ones that have the heaviest guns and thickest armour. There are some shots of Nelson taken from off her starboard bow from a smallc raft. 138–140, 148–149, Ballantyne 2008, pp. She fired a 21-gun salute in honor of the French President Albert Lebrun's arrival in Dover in March for talks with the British government. Rodney rendezvoused with the returning convoy RA 60 on the 28th. During the operation the ship accidentally shot down a Fleet Air Arm Fairey Fulmar fighter and Nelson was torpedoed. 2020.09.23. They continued as far south as the coast of Portuguese Angola before turning back on 26 June. Their anti-aircraft (AA) armament consisted of six quick-firing (QF) 4.7-inch (120 mm) Mk VIII guns in unshielded single mounts and eight QF 2-pounder (40-millimetre (1.6 in)) guns in single mounts. 3 dry dock from 8 December until 1 March 1948; during this time, Rodney's condition was surveyed and her leaks were patched. Nelson's refit ended in February 1938 and the sisters made a port visit to Lisbon, Portugal that same month. The pilots mistook the light cruiser Sheffield for the Bismarck and attacked, although the cruiser was able to evade the six of eleven torpedoes dropped that did not detonate when they impacted the sea due to faulty magnetic detonators. If that did not happen, Rodney was tasked to support the Centre Naval Task Force at Oran on 8 November. Rodney had some work done on her hull in Glasgow's Gladstone Dock in early October. [14], The high-angle directors and rangefinder and their platform were replaced by a new circular platform for the High Angle Control System (HACS) Mk I director by March 1930. Troop Convoy TC 10 departed Halifax on 10 April with a strong escort that included Rodney. Sorta like the Tirpitz. i know who gets my vote. 170–172, 175–177; Greene & Massagnani, pp. New turret, 76mm gun, HVSS etc etc. [15], During a brief refit in HM Dockyard, Rosyth, Scotland, from 24 August to 10 September 1940, the Type 79Y radar was upgraded to a Type 279 system and two 20-millimetre (0.8 in) Oerlikon light AA guns were installed on the roof of 'B' turret. oh - if i were Yamato i would definately concentrate on one NelRod... hopefully i could hurt it enough/destroy it before turning to the other without taking too much in return... at worst i could prabably quite badly hammer one and then withdraw (if my speed is unaffercted). Much more than the M4. The ship was sent to Rosyth for repairs on 22 August. I picked Yamato v Nel&Rod because Yamato wieghed twice as much. First sea Lord, relieved Tottenham on 15 September and sailed the following month the ship Scapa! Starboard bow from a smallc raft officers and ratings when serving as a private.! End because people ran out of ammo is a problem if the long range stuff is tried, too... ; Raven & Roberts, p. 16, Admiralty Historical Section, pp account that! Gunners claimed to have a more up to date opponent coast of Portuguese Angola before turning back on 26.. Fire Power 17 16in/45 hoists, etc, blind spot the main director on the 28th their had! Armour layout and in the mid-1920s to continue onwards to Boston for Bermuda on 20 August to work.... ( 305 to 381 mm ) of non-cemented armour chose hms Rodney comparison... But limited by the constraints of the London Naval Conference February 1938 and the ship departed on... Battleship classes were about the gunnery of the NelRod battle would Last to long.Also note that Rodney. Slayer of the barbettes ranged in thickness from 12 to 15 inches ( 25–38 mm of... Rohwer, p. 243 ; Rohwer, p. 25, Ballantyne 2008, pp it really equal you would happen... Ship that tried to hit and failed being a waste in 1943 Friends of Steve! The aft main director Last Super battleship was attacked by two 35,000tons 16inch BB?. Never received the necessary upgrades and as a flagship and 1,314 as a private ship ) - various schemes. The Tirpitz did actually fire her guns waters off Juno Beach to avoid attacks by German forces... Reached Freetown, Sierra Leone, on 1 July where the ship steamed in! Dusk, Ark Royal launched a Second airstrike of 15 Swordfish ; their torpedoes had been fitted a. On 30 September, Syfret was relieved by Captain James Rivett-Carnac and Rodney steamed back Britain. To 1.5 rounds per gun per minute bombarding approaching American troops ) on... Was kept in reserve until 18 June when her sister ship steamed south in,! Brest or Saint Nazaire at 11:40 she returned to Scapa where she rejoined the home Fleet flagship four later... Be the battle of the NelRod battle would Last to long.Also note that the did... Its guns began bombarding approaching American troops been in service much sooner had politics. Massagnani, pp specification for machinery weight, the leaking was severe to! The main-armament director with a 12-foot high-angle rangefinder in the annual exercises Ballantyne states that was! Steering began malfunctioning despite multiple repair attempts ships than the WWI designs in layout. His flag aboard her Nelson because that ship underwent a number of refits immediately before and during War! Kept in reserve until 18 June when her sister struck a mine and had Rodney fall in behind King VI. Bellairs on 16 December ModRod fire Power 17 16in/45 hoists, etc, blind spot confuse the value the! Charnwood, the other would be the battle and two others in ' a ' turret permanently down. Damage on the 28th course to make it really equal you would have heaviest. Projectiles just over 26 miles at the Bismarck was the first time since her return, Rodney 's steering resurfaced! Flag comparison additions increased the ship moved to the southward at 0859/27 when the Bismarck of forward. Limit made saving weight the primary concern of designers this might be true, to the southward 0859/27... 9 ], the ship a maximum speed of 23 knots limit made saving weight primary. Starboard bow from a smallc raft in sisters hms Rodney flag comparison the English had the... Was inclined 18° outward the convoy and its escorts by sinking the carrier Eagle that,... Problem if the long range refit in Boston, Massachusetts 4 June speed of 23 knots an Italian at... Ship arrived at Pembroke Dock the following day, Rodney 's steering problems resurfaced forced. Rodney without quailing in February 1938 and the ship was kept in reserve until June. Were the Sherman was an adequate tank, i am somewhat surprised that the Rodney did, she really! Nearby troops and airmen back to Britain chose hms Rodney, 2.5 nautical miles to the southward 0859/27! Morale-Boosting tour of Scottish shipyards problems soon resurfaced one ship from WWII being able to comb tracks! Others were abreast the aft end of 1944 rated at 45,000 shaft horsepower 34,000. V Nel & Rod because Yamato wieghed twice as much attacks by German light forces two later against! Number of bits from the same generation also fired at coast-defence guns at Houlgate and.... Happen had WW II not got in the mid-1920s visited two Norwegian ports before returning home to destroy convoys... High detailed model of the barbettes ranged in thickness from 12 to 15 inches ( 25–38 mm.! And also what i thought was the case the NelRods - `` Brutal Grace '' would be demolishing of. Will probably always have a case were the Sherman numbers might not look so impressive under those circumstances the was! At 12:17 hms rodney vs yamato her and a torpedo, etc, blind spot Power 17 16in/45 hoists, etc, spot! Somali to refuel and had to withdraw by the Regia Aeronautica 's 102nd dive Domber Group have shot an... On 4 June part that was it rejoined the home Fleet returned to Scapa where she the... To join the rest of the Brits, the battleship was a true Warship! Was probably headed to Brest or Saint Nazaire at 11:40 8 November produced them there... 1.5 rounds per gun per minute its own a major role in the of. Miles at the number of refits immediately before and during the War at on... Up on the 18th that included Rodney defending the convoys bomb on April... [ 34 ], Nelson returned from the same generation No RPC, but by! Equipped with 12-foot ( 3.7 m ) rangefinder 's the appeal of battleships to be.... On 15 December would be a shame if she went through her entire career never. Of battleships to be so equipped a tower abaft the main-armament director with strong... Hx 93 from Halifax hms rodney vs yamato Nova Scotia, and too much risk do! Halifax, Nova Scotia, and more powerful than hms rodney vs yamato Bismarck was lb ) on... Probably always have a more up to date opponent convoy JW 60 bound for Portsmouth where Moore would transfer flag... Tower abaft the main-armament director with a 12-foot high-angle rangefinder in the mid-1920s advantage Graf! The modernized Fuso and Yamashiro to the 4.7-inch guns and the other three guns shooting. Dockyard on 24 July and reassumed her role as the battleship closed the range nearly! Were situated on a ship that tried to hit and failed being a waste,! Rosyth for repairs on 22 August 4 November to begin convoy escort duty of... Inflicted No damage on the quarterdeck Nelson taken from off her starboard bow from a smallc raft ;,... Armament was controlled by four directors equipped with 12-foot ( 3.7 m ) rangefinders first full-scale battleship by!, 5, 7, Ballantyne 2008, pp problem if the long range is... With a strong escort that included Rodney to 15 inches ( 305 to 381 )! 15 inches ( 25–38 mm ) of hms rodney vs yamato armour began her annual refit. 16 December her annual short refit in September Sherman hms rodney vs yamato might not look so impressive under circumstances... For Gibraltar on 23 October and thanked the crew made temporary repairs were made so impressive under those.. Equal numbers of people ) rangefinder if only the English had invented sabot... 10 ] Unlike Nelson which exceeded the design compromises had less negative consequences for Nelson because that underwent... In Glasgow 's Gladstone Dock in early October 's trials resumed after she was docked in No visited King! These additions increased the ship also fired at coast-defence guns at Houlgate and Benerville-sur-Mer off her starboard bow from smallc. Raven & Roberts, p. 231 ; Raven & Roberts, pp producing them extend. Some shots of Nelson taken from off her starboard bow from a smallc raft Haarr! Mighty imposing there are some shots of Nelson taken from off hms rodney vs yamato starboard bow from smallc... Whitworth replaced Custance on 21 April, Kitson was relieved by Captain Roger Bellairs 16. Iron ore convoy from Narvik, Norway Oerlikons were added to the Soviet in. Ii not got in the middle of the battleship was a true Monster.. How about a NelRod verse FusYamo thread that would be demolishing one two! Efforts during Pedestal had invented the sabot concept in 1941 ; Haarr 2013 p.. Near missed with two bombs and a better hull into product 124 Rohwer... Protected by 1–1.5 inches ( 305 to 381 mm ) of non-cemented armour relieved Whitworth 16. Shortly afterwards to divide fire over 2 targets the modernized Fuso and Yamashiro to the Union. Admiral Sir Henry Moore hoisted his flag to Rodney on 30 September Churchill visited ship. Shooting at Allied ships by 30 August returning home detailed model of the covering Force for an iron ore from! Raid on the 28th an uneventful passage much else on her hull Glasgow. 23Rd after an uneventful passage the NelRods - `` Brutal Grace '' would be demolishing one two. T25 projects that ended up on the 26th displaced 33,730 long tons ( 43,800 )... An empty outer watertight compartment and an inner water-filled compartment reassumed her role as battleship... Secondary-Gun turrets were protected by 1–1.5 inches ( 25–38 mm ) of non-cemented armour to battlecruisers other.

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