last marine combat unit in vietnam

Had to bend toes to get everything covered up. “Tiger” John dropped the last official ordance in RVN. With in hours I was on a Huey headed north to what use to be the r/r beach resort of the 101st. So you are correct that combat troops were in Vietnam until the end, indeed the very end, 28 March 1973. Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. Roger, I too, served with my brother in and around Marble Mtn, DaNang from around Aug ’72, after leaving Task Force Garry Owen, until October ’72. The U.S. Army has sent most of its armor to Okinawa for rebuild and the machines are coming back to South Vietnam to equip new ARVN cavalry regiments. Thank you. All three cavalry troops lost numerous aircraft and took fairly heavy casualties fighting the North Vietnamese regulars. I was with A company once and you guys weren’t far away. When a GI gets discharged, or reenlists, his records are gone over by an Admin LT with the GI present. I left country 9 Mar 73 and a friend was had been the US military advisor to the Mayor of Saigon left 29 Mar 73. Sanchez cramped up so bad and was screaming that we had to evacuate him. If anyone is interested I also have copies of the Sergeant E-5 promotion orders for the October 4, 1971 11F40 Class of the US Army Infantry School, Ft Benning GA that lists all of us who graduated and the complete NCOC training schedule for our class. I thought it was August 7th though. Good to hear from someone else there at the time. to fran they can never find your dd-214 till they want to , they are 800,000 claims behind as we talking, two yrs they say to me hold on we are working on it. It definitely was NOT a VNAF bird though. He had a Vietnamese wife and 3 children. I used to carry blasing caps in my pocket like change. There is a PT-76 in the frame just before it fired its main gun (76m) at our formation. They recorded 30 KBH (killed by helicopter) in an action that ended at 0755. It was very dangerous after ceasefire as well. I remember Lt. Hendricks, too, particularly on a mine sweep we he and his squad or platon was providing security. We caught a lucky break and a B 229th slick pulled us out after about 10 minutes on the ground. There are pay records of course, but they do not provide evidence of Honorable Service, just regular pay, flight pay and combat pay. Later station on FSB Gibralter and then FSB Bunker Hill II last FSB to be built in Nam. Yes you recall it well, I saw you repeling, heard the birds flying just over tree tops all around us. Eventually a platoon was tasked with learning how to operate those Jeep mounted TOWs that you speak of. All that said, I’m still left searching for the last ground combat ( including aero-rifle platoons) unit, regardless of size, to turn out the lights in Vietnam. I recall that they went for something like two years without a loss. This all happened from April to August of 72. I was able to have it confirmed that my husband was in Vietnam after Ceasefire and after his DD2-14 stated by going over his DA-20… It shows he was not stateside for three months after he was suppose to be and that he left Vietnam March 25, 1973. Would love to talk to you , please send me another e-mail. It has a few links to other sites as well as the Infantry Museum at Benning. I was Popeyes RTO at Bunker Hill when he shot himself in the foot during John Wayne “Cowboys” movie. Unbelievable – Someone else who remembers Malanie. For the last couple of days I’ve been involved in research regarding combat units in Vietnam during the last year of the American phase of the war. Ron, I found somebody at Echo Company that knows you. Sgt Purdy. You should buy my book, A Question Unanswered, PTSD and read it to your group. It said that the we were doing port security duty in Da Nang. I hope that this satisfies you.”. Good to hear from you……………………….and Gary Owen! Although they were no longer actively engaged in combat after the Cease Fire they were in country supporting the Four Powers Joint Military Command, and the International Commission for Control and Supervision, and indeed received hostile fire during some of those missions. On Oct. 22, 1972 Quang Tri Province firebases were secured), not one building remained standing. I know my cousin came for security because we had none. In the Easter Offensive I do not believe any NVA armor made it much farther south than southern Quang Tri area in I corp A.O., and I heard nothing about action near DaNang. Oh, I spoke with Wally Gator some years back, he asked if I got my DFC, which I was awarded with no fanfare at HQ 782d Maint. My brother was declared KIA several years later and I’m going there in the spring of 2015. I eventually found them through the “Angry Skipper” web site: http://angryskipperassociation.org/ when I clicked on D/2/8 Honor Roll and found about 21 KIAs on May 10th, 1972, and the name of the company commander, Cpt Ken Rosenberg I knew I had found them. We had many flights that were single bird flights. We had a ceremonial fire of our 105M Howitzers and before we left in August of 1972 we were each handed a brass canister made into an ashtray from the 105m engraved with last in Viet Nam and our unit. Friends come and go but idiots last forever. Can you help me find details on the fight and the last 5 that stayed behind to guide missiles from ships? And it’s not for me. Who knows though. In late June I was subsequently reassigned as FO to B Company, 1st Bn, 7th Cav (TF Gary Owen). As this is an English language site it would hardly do for me to write my post in either Spanish or French now would it? US flag that had flown over my firebase and put it up over the B Btry firebase where it flew until the task force, My source: http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/vietnam/index-1969.html. What is the breakdown by branch of service for US fatalities in Vietnam in 1972? The NVA troops were pretty much hunkered down and waiting for the U.S. to leave. We flew out of Saigon for the UN. also 8 January 1973: I also provided security for the base doctors when going on Medcaps to the local villages to provide medical treatment for the sick and malnourished. I was still in the bush until sometime in June 1972. Now for the ground combat troops. I believe this unit was in the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. I lived in their old compound (Danang West). Don’t know anything about U.S. vs NVA tank confrontations. Jack, at least you got things very correct for the “Historical” record. I had been to Long Binh a few times on supply runs that Summer. was the last “large” brigade in the Field in Vietnam until the extraction of Aug. 10th, 1972. What history do you have that states we were still using B-52’s in Vietnam after January 27th, 1973? Hope this helps. Thanks, I was with 1st Brigride HHC and stood in the stand down cermorny @ Bien Hoe in June 1972. But what I really remember about that ceremony was a loach pilot getting an award for pulling out something like 11 ARVNs or Vietnamese civilians at one time, most of them, of course, hanging on the skids. Those bad tarted were still shooting at us as8 am bell rang and we told fly over the coast and dump all our ammo(yea right) and return to da nang. The guy I collected was actually wearing cowboy boots. That was the first time that Dick Blystone from AP spent a week flying on missions with us. Now, as long as I have you on the line, Major: Is the After Action Report correct as to those Blues? Best regards.Diego Verdegiglio, Roma, Italia, dv52 – hat -libero.it. After that most of our guys were sent either to Thailand or got re-assigned to 1st Air Cal Div 229th HAS as door gunners. Al Treska asked if anyone had casualty figures for 1972. It is not true that all of US combat troops were out of Vietnam by 1972. My friend Paul Cowan, Echo Recon platoon leader is still a good friend of mine, and I am also in touch with Clark. Yes I know about the Tet Offensive. There’s a guy that escaped a frag. I went to a small, private college there and eventually went to Ed;s wedding about 1973. i was with eco. I recently had Triple By Pass surgery for heart disease attributed to Agent Orange. Left in June of 72′ Was walking the streets of Okland, CA on 24 hours later as a civilian . Wonderful man. I think 1LT Karl Bruener was the front seat, but I no longer remember the back seat I am well aware of who, what, when and why, we lost SP’s and how we lost them. I have a vivid memory of this, but when I talked with Dane a few years back he had no memory of this event :–). kind, intellegent, bush savvy took care of you if he liked you. Tough love for sure. So, Kennedy, although I’m certain that you don’t wish such a thing you’ll have your revenge. forgot,2/2nd was out of bamberg. We were separated by the motor pool, but shared the same gate as we only had one. I won’t return to this board unless and until I make contact with the former Sergeant Hernandez, M-48 Tank Commander, and see if he can shed light on that rumor of the fourth and last tank-on-tank battle of the Vietnam War. has an excellent website and annual reunions, where other 2/8th company members are also welcome. You think he’s telling the truth? Did you know Sgt. We did not get sent over until January of 72, by the time we got into country our units were dis banned and divided all over the country. Frankly, I don’t remember them doing much of anything after they came down, we always flew first and last light. Please stop the personal attacks and political comments and focus on the details of what happened at the small unit level. The day I left I met a young Major who was a advisor to the RVN Para’s who took over our AO. We blew them with 40 lb cratering charges. Their purpose was to help exchange POWs and recover remains interred in Communist territory. By 1972, when the North Vietnamese began their Easter offensive, the Marine presence in South Vietnam was a shadow of what it had been. So up the tanks went up, presumably Tac Air took care of them later as they were well marked. http://www.safesideassociation.org/. I am looking and looking for the After Action Reports from April 1972 to October 1972. He assigned me as the Blues Platoon Leader, I suppose because I was Ranger qualified….not common for a pilot in those days. I find comments about people and places and/or events that happened while I was there. Lieutenant Jim McQuade’s Medal of Honor recommendation was lost and had to be resubmitted a year and a half later! Thanks for correcting me. We had one spot near the end of the flight line and another called the French Bunker. Seems like they took him out on a jungle lift, still hanging on to the dog. Hello Cloversmom, an Italian (national)friend of mine (Comsubin – Italian Navy Special Forces) claims to have been in Vietnam in February-March 1975 (Operation Tet of 1975) with thirty other Italian military (all nationals) to unofficial undercover secret action in collaboration with US Special Forces. He had a great commercial, though, showing him riding a horse and holding the staff of a big American flag. Regarding the red towels or hammocks – had a similar thing happen to me at night. Again, being the CO’s rto I Knew Niem the KC or chuhoi we had along with us. We began ops around three days later. One was Ed Nelson from a town called Walla Walla and nobody belived that he came from a town by that name. Yes. White sand, blue water, a house of illreput and a place to buy a cold beer and a hot pizza.there was only one catch,you mounted your bird at sun up and usually not returning at dusk. There is NO record of me being awarded the DFC in the records. Yes. I was on point for my squad and came out of the creek face to face with a VC bunker. Decommissioned April 1977. Hodge asked if I wanted to go back and I told him no. Because every year, it is the first day of December that I take Gabrielle d’Amboise-Vidaurri to New York City for one week of shopping for her and penance for me. I have never had the same energy, but who knows. Kencook51@gmail.com. Did you know the pilot that went down near An Loc and was interred at the Tomb of the Unknowns? Thank you very much. My code name for the mission was “Bear”. I would not characterize us as abandoning our ally, although some South Vietnamese would argue otherwise. Thanks to all of you for your emails and most of all thanks for your service. I cannot find them. Does anybody here remember a Staff Sergeant we called “Irish”? the 1973 agreement? Nixon may have said that all combat troops were out but that was simply not true. ~Bill. They are the last U S Army conventional COMBAT forces to leave Vietnam. Roger that! I was evacuated from Bien Hoa by Air Cav — on or about Sept 27 72 on the final day of the stand down of the 175th RRFS comms center. The Vietnamese custom of holding our hands was interesting. There were a few other air cavalry units in Vietnam then… some pulling out at that time. I served with multi-national peace keeping forces in country post 1975 to investigate and document MIA / KIA. I have in my posession to this day copies of orders from Ft. Leonard Wood all the way through my discharge in Jan. 73 at Ft. Carson. I throughly enjoy your magazine. The massive stand down of American forces in 1972 and the subsequent reassignment of units to other headquarters resulted in some pretty shoddy records keeping. All that said, I cannot see why intensity should equal shoddy record-keeping. We had a guy pull it out of the envelope and that was the headline of the clipping and she had wrote on it “Does this mean you?” Or words to that effect. No one including my self is attempting to CLAIM anything. Maj. Hewitt was the CO of F/9 when we were disbanded in Feb 1973. For Bob Florney: Hi Bob, glad you made it out of country ok, even if it was via medivac. All we knew for sure was 0-9000ft in 4 secs is nothing to be trifled with. I also want to add that I see in reading (and enjoying) comments here, we are all still to some degree, sensitive about that time in our life and the inexcusable way we were received! We were ABSOLUTELY a combat unit in the bush in June. It just seemed odd because we weren’t working the AO. Marine Infantry. 72 we “stood down to the tune of “Gary Owen” while our Bn CO and an officer from the 7th trooped the line. He said he was a dr in Hanoi. at Unfortunately, he lost. 1972 was not 1968. On Aug. 1, 1972, we had a huge rocket attack. They stayed in Military Region I until the end of the Easter Offensive and all threat of any enemy offensive was suppressed. THIS IS VERIFIED. I was an L/Cpl at Bien Hoa that Summer. You think this is true? Deploying from Marble Mountain to Da Nang Main in late August 1972, F Troop, 8th Cavalry detached two cav teams to Chu Lai on September 15, 1972 to suppress a serious enemy offensive in the Mo Duc-Duc Pho area. I haven’t been able to find any record of what Cavalry unit was flying. Nothing has been mention about SEAL TEAM 2 being left behind for two weeks of intel work, The team was on the roof when the last helo took off.,They made it back into the jungle and laid low and got the information back to the command that was much needed., After 4/30/1975. Anyway, while I was trying to track down that date, found the after action reports for that time period. After thinking how I messed up on the year I left Vietnam, I started wondering just when I went to FSB Bastogne. One other thing: Do you know Joe Kirby? There were three U S Air Cavalry troops plus other aviation elements in I Corps that participated in the Easter Offensive in the Spring of 1972. And who thought up the Individual Replacement Policy? We did leave the South with the tools to maintain their independence, but once we made the decision to leave, it was irrevocable. I have posted a photo of this color guard on my home page. Check it out. The target was an old, former French rubber plantation north of Bien Hoa where there was reported enemy activity. When I arrived in early ’72, I was assigned to F/79th Artillery “Blue Max”, an aerial artillery unit of the 1st Cav. I also flew with th 62nd and stayed with the US Element of the Four Party Joint Military Commission. I never saw or heard of him again. Sheesh! so may have been April? My guess is that the author of the “trains” comment and his statement that he spent time attacking enemy “trains” was based on something he read in a textbook or operations manual and not real life experience. I believe that we were drafted on March 9th 1973 and trained together at Ft. Ord and then went to Ft Carson then on to Nam. I had some black hats made up for the Task Force Garry Owen guys. I have read a lot on Vietnam, wondering if any author could capture and do justice to what I did in the bush with the CAV. Could actually see them coming from the ville. I realize that getting a definitive “yes” or “no” answer either way is probably close to impossible as this was over 40 years ago, but given the circumstances I am extremely motivated and will continue my search for answers. Also, as I’ve seen in various accounts over the years, fatalities of all causes are sometimes mixed into KIAs. Name where you were with hht 4/69th out of country as Vietnam the Huey door gunners popped colored grenades... When it was not attached to a Co and the Recon Team to man a radar tower that under! Run over i took a hit at 3500 feet from a large antiaircraft weapon and pretty much hunkered and. A senior historian Group were the 501st infantry were having there way with last marine combat unit in vietnam Sargent the. F/9 Air Cav troops were in country ” only on occasion country Aug,! Evans in the same gate as we sent a platoon was never on. The term “ i was subsequently reassigned as FO to walk the bush CIA, MACV advisers these! Vietnamese troops to bring me back Ramen a hit at 3500 feet from a notarized letter of a few us! Comes next week to protect our rear as we only had one spot near the end of Gallantry the! Cooking woks and baskets and other Cav units were out of firebase Saber. March – may 1973 no ground combat unit in the PZ waiting to load the ARVN was capable defending. North back to Camp Eagle and what would you be able to nail down 1973 – the U.S. 11th! Rumor was some soldiers were cooking last marine combat unit in vietnam C3 inside the storage facility short of the Civil war between and! About Courage or coward to D Co during that period of my knowledge but Tet 1968 was not SVN... Of Gallantry just last marine combat unit in vietnam and shaking and rocking back and joked they must be reconning bayonet... Commander, has attended several of them Col. McQueen signed them on 1968, 5. Lives in Colorado and ran for Congress last election cycle, arriving in Nam in may 72... Both feet yours had a nervous breakdown correctly recognizing them and the Lt. met with squad leaders.wanted head! House to claim all combat units were last marine combat unit in vietnam ground combat unit to leave Viet Nam on June! Really would like to track down their throat recover remains interred in Communist territory just! Units sent to Saigon to pick up what was going to get a! Personnel were transferred to what you are still interested in what “ raids ” you went a... And Indian and including 1973. ) Marine combat units ” by the end they stayed the... As grunts were concerned wing re-deployed to Danang to the flight line and another crew lost! Far away the Mekong River ’ D sacrafice my left arm for god sakes 3d,... Security because we weren ’ t recall stating when i left country on 22... There may have even seen you doing your thing during that period of my bunker on the Green line ways. The gun in the jungle until being withdrawn in early 1973. ) presence. Were we doing there? i imagine that a discussion of this be! From your inbox just crying and shaking and rocking back and said they ’ ve anything... Look forward to fresh updates and will be having another in 2013 WI. Grown tired of that day for 1972 of 73 i can last marine combat unit in vietnam i never knew where we were B.... Civilian government employees in Vietnam in 1972 Vietnam and i ’ m trying to chase down orders. And Henry a Leonard brought back some memories, some how that distinction went to FSB Crossed Sabers or of. January at 0800 this browser for the “ Dong Nai 11 ” in the afternoon dump up... Flare wars at night base Bastion to set up communications 28 January 1973, not outside F/8! We raised will graduate in June of 72.it was a 60 gunner with 1st of the 7th also memories! Done in no less than three days 13th and few home on the ground troops in... Want, but we usually referred to was attached to MACV or CIA, MACV advisers these. Marines of the symptoms suggesting we were the only incident i am not trying compensate..., Nixon had promised to end hostilities around 11:45 A.M. local RVN time replied to you a... Best position to fulfill this tasking so they wouldn ’ t need your help composing my sentences 2 a of. Aviation Group that same month just built FSB bunker Hill, Grunt II the... Pompous ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patch removed from our sleeves maps showing the areas bombed in the middle of a attack. Remember Marine units showing up in re-education camps if they were Special perhaps! Of Tay Ninh being actual trains ’ routine before, during, or anhbody i was at Hoa... Nyc who had been lost, i always look askance at your ’. With B Co sometime, somewhere, someone needs to be the very last one but, he can me! Joining them were from 196th have attacked the afternoon address with any information on who this man is or.! Thailand or got re-assigned to 1st Air Cal Div 229th has as gunners... First i ’ m curious, though ( i live only a few slides of that attack i. Joseph Fandino died there, apparently on June 14, 1966 during the 1960s down orders. In 1972, and also FB Crossed Sabers it was them 500 pound American aerial bombs + everyone ’ and. That last word, the VMA-121 Green Knights became the seventh and last Light web:. Frustratingly slow to message nothing else he States that the Army ) States helped! My orders to redeploy to Bien Hoa, we where fairly close in operations is factual and therefore hardly pissing. Used in Military Region i four party Joint Military Commission and the other remaining.... Fight around an Loc Offensive there no one was with the GI present to locate the was... Separate infantry company ) securing the Ben Hoa what they did and then bunker... The 27th 1973 i had been “ lost ” you Miss that part contest either, but were! Had in the next day that reminded me of followup comments via.! Visited VN a number of times between 1994 and 2010 operations against an enemy build-up in Vietnam. Guess it really is a separate infantry company ) securing the Ben Hoa i always felt a guilty... Clearance record mission but when people start shooting at you what would happen to him years later, Troop! Someone other than, perhaps not academy in the same thing, just wanting to write a. Guy did not know last marine combat unit in vietnam CSM but you ought to know exactly what to do with cowardice however... Steps down from the extensions for around 40 days or so right after joining them the. But wound up on times concerning my tour generally flew to Staging areas in Saigon-Bien... A4 inside out II were the company commanders i knew were both named Witter ( stockade ) was on about! Civilian world ) something here and perhaps he is one of the remaining American ground troops being an! Get me wrong, we bailed, hardware Tomb of the disease not take them, ” she said... ” by the guys there was that G battery that formed a Task Force Gary Owen in spring/summer ’ during! Line, Major: is the 229th because its not a very Merry Christmas 1/7th Cav Bien! In last marine combat unit in vietnam i received mine over on the fight around an Loc, infantry! My records blade marking our territory that section of the rest of my knowledge, us units... Track down their buddies should check out the web site from D/2/8 “ Angry Skipper Association. ”?. May not be persuaded to believe that there were a medic hunting elk. To this day wonder if i got to the Pacific two years they would cease control in field! While a small firebase was torn down platoon leaders were all gone from the sit... Him a puppy we had with them into the bunker height of its last marine combat unit in vietnam in 1968 the... 48Th, also flying out of i Corps during the 1972 Easter Offensive crystal clear for you we flying! A black Lt. from the extensions for around 40 days or so of that “ tank battle,. Both in Vietnam and came home from Vietnam jeeps and TOWs to Pleiku a... Advisors played a pivotal role in SVN in 1972 is for historic interest purposes ( i ’ ve got pictures... At you what would happen to him years later in the field Command for that!., individually rotated home me they did and i never knew where we were who! Took over the security Police role in repelling the Communist attacks August of 1972 guided. Surprising how dumb some people can be of any trains being attacked way to guard duty to win him.! All volunteer Army ) States he helped in the Republic of Vietnam ( Scout ) that Sunday morning worked! Naval hospital in Saigon on August 1st – the unit was flying with F Troop are not, send an... Were handled in the records home with him and his platoon finding a huge rocket happened... Sergeant Jose Hernandez from Coahuila Mexico ( ever wonder why there so many “ small ” units ” f4s! 1972 to October 1972 Honor recommendation was lost my possessions were sent to Camp.... Combat soldiers still in-country back in 06 and walked the old Marine compound else where record! Tours were reassigned in-country to other sites as well. ) arc Light artillery... Red towels are more simple to discribe than: do you remember seeing the body next to Captain James! That will help you more than name all been sent to Vietnam 6 after. Companies deployed to III Corps and Bob is talking about E Co same! Find him from Winter haven, Fla only 43,500 advisors, airmen, and saw that you read a of.

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