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End of Life Care

End of Life Care Services

End of life care is provided when people are in the last few months/years of their lives and wish to remain at home. We have a team of experienced end of life carers who will be there to not only support our clients but also their families.

The main aim of our end of life care package is to ensure that we meet our clients wishes, ensuring we offer the support, dignity and respect that is deserved. Our care is delivered in accordance with the NICE Guidance for Care of dying adults  in the last days of their life in relation to:

  1. Recognising when a person may be in the last days of life
  2. Communication
  3. Shared decision-making
  4. Maintaining hydration
  5. Pharmacological intervention
  6. Anticipatory prescribing

We provide personal care, administration of medications and the emotional support that is needed to make you feel as comfortable as possible at this stage in life. Our care plans for end of life clients are flexible and reviewed as often as required (hour by hour or minute by minute if required) to meet the changing needs and wishes of clients at the end of life. Our experienced team are also on hand to offer emotional support to family members during this difficult time.

Unfortunately end of life care is often something that cannot be planned, we have a large team on hand to ensure we can provide a rapid response and are able to implement care very quickly.

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