Home Care as Easy as 1-2-3!

Care is at the heart of everything we do
We are passionate about providing a high level of care to all of our clients and monitoring their level of care consistently to ensure we are always delivering exactly what they need, when they need it. We understand that being at home in comfort is the best way to offer this care, as you feel more relaxed and content in your own familiar surroundings. Providing exceptional care and clinical excellence is our priority and we will always try to ensure you maintain as much independence as possible.
If you are wondering why you should choose Delightful Care, these are some reasons why we are the only care provider to choose.
Fully managed clinical service

We ensure that our carers receive enhanced clinical training to ensure that they deliver the very best quality of service, and that they are able to deal with any urgent needs. For instance, being able to administer medication and vaccines, and to understand and meet the demands of any condition, including motor neurone disease and muscular dystrophy. You can be sure that you are in safe hands when you use our clinical services.

Emotional support

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do – and the reason we do it. We are committed not only to offering physical support, but also emotional support. Our carers are experienced in dealing with a range of emotional needs and demands and are always on hand to offer support when required. The carers that work for Delightful Care do so because they care about other people, and they are there to offer ongoing support. Many clients require emotional support during the night, and we can provide overnight care to suit your needs.


Our complex care services begin with the individual we are supporting, and we are completely committed to ensuring they receive a tailored service to suit their needs. We design a care plan that takes into account the physical and emotional support needed, the individual’s relationships and goals, and what they need from our care services. We communicate with our clients throughout the duration we are offering the support, whether long term or short term care and ensure we are always delivering the service they desire, at the right time to suit them.

Outcome based

We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the level of care they need, in the comfort of their own home, and at a time and level to suit them. With an outcome based model in place, we ensure that our clients feel empowered and that they are able to meet their own individual goals. Our care services involve working closely, both with the client and with their family to ensure we are providing the right level of service. Our healthcare professionals take a consistent approach, ensuring a seamless delivery in the level of care received by us. It is important that our clients have peace of mind that we are able to provide a seamless care service, that is adapted to suit their needs and level of care needed.

Nurse-led care

We provide nurse-led care, which allows our clients to live in the comfort of their own home with any complex condition, including cancer. With the nurseled care our highly professional teams are able to receive support from registered nurses, as well as receiving their own clinical training. Our carers are monitored and supported to ensure that they are delivering a level of clinical care that is at the highest possible standard. With a holistic and flexible approach, we are committed to ensuring that our care plans are tailored to suit the needs of each person receiving care from us. Our commitment is to enhance the everyday life of individuals in our care.