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Tracheostomy Care

Ventilation and Tracheostomy Care Services

Delightful Care have a number of care packages where we care for clients with Ventilation and Tracheostomy needs. All of our staff are highly trained in these areas receiving bespoke training with each individual client to ensure you receive a truly personalised and safe care package.

We can provide the following care to our clients:

  • Airway management
  • Invasive ventilation/ non invasive
  • Full trachea changes
  • Cuff changes
  • Inner tube and outer tube changes
  • Deep Suctioning catheter
  • Oral yanker suctioning

We will work with you, your family and healthcare professionals to ensure you are comfortable with the care package suggested. In addition to caring for your medical needs we are also keen to support and maintain as much of your personal independence as you require.

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